Urban Design Strategic Advisor


The City of Brampton is one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe surrounding Toronto. It is in the throes of a major transformation from an auto-oriented post-war suburban community to a more sustainable, denser transit-oriented future. Ken Greenberg has been engaged to work with the Urban Design Department of the City of Brampton to advance the Council endorsed Brampton 2040 Vision. This involves providing strategic guidance in the below core areas:

1. Establishing  By-Design Studio within the City of Brampton’s Incubator Space to provide an on-going exhibition and place of convergence for the discussion of forward-thinking city-building practices and emerging trends;

2. Engaging Development Industry

Develop communication kits, strategy, and create opportunities for the department to present development opportunities, partnership and implementation frameworks positioning the City of Brampton as a thought leader in large-scale urban transformation over the next 40 years

3. Creating City-building Champions

Obtain buy-in and build champions to advance Urban Design agenda among a. Members of Council;  Senior leadership within commissions, departments and agencies and developers, businesses, residents and academia.

4. Elevating Quality of Urban Design Products and Services

Providing critical advice on the Urban Design Department’s delivery including

  • Centres and Town Centres Master Plans

  • City-wide Integrated Complete Community Master Plan & Implementation Strategy

  • City-wide Urban Design Guidelines & Development Review Manual

  • Urban Standards Manual for Intensification Areas and Integrated Implementation Framework

  • Pre-application Design Services & Co-design Service

  • Public Events and Media Messaging  

5. Building Urban Design Department Capacity

Provide strategic guidance to align resources within Urban Design to focus on. Visualization, Communication and Analytics; Project Management and Design Review.