The King Development


Westbank and Allied Properties retained Ken Greenberg as urban designer on a team with BIG Architects and Public Work Landscape Architects for the redevelopment of a strategically located infill site on  King Street west of Spadina Avenue. Two decades ago, this area was a wasteland, with only a few isolated businesses hanging

on amid the demolished industrial buildings and low-cost surface parking lots. The ‘Kings’ initiative unleashed a

powerful momentum of change and the area has been steadily filling in, as the remaining robust, early-20th century mercantile buildings have been repurposed for new work spaces and dwelling units. A new generation of ambitious contemporary architecture is now filling in the remaining voids in the urban fabric. This highly innovative project takes it inspiration from the emerging network of fine-grained repurposed and new pedestrian laneways interlacing the large blocks and the cascading terraces of Habitat 67, here interpreted in a tight urban context. With its open courtyard and accessible roof terraces it is setting a new standard for new ways of living, working and shopping in this dynamic downtown neighbourhood.